2024 Registration Application Form 2024 Reg

ACTA International Member Application Form ACTA Int Member

Advice for Clubs about Gunshot reports and results Gunshot info

Basic Coaching Manual Basic coaching manual

Benefits, costs and Obligations to Clubs Benefits to clubs

Club Captain Job Description Club Captain

Club President Job Description President job description

Club Secretary Job Description Secretary Job description

Club Treasurers Job Description Treasurers info

Coaches Coaches

Councillor Manual Councillor Manual

Cut & Carry info for Clubs Cut & Carry info

DTL Island Championship information DTL Island info

DTL Island Entry Form DTL Island entry

DTL Island Presentation sheets - North Island NI DTL Island Presentations

DTL Island Presentation sheets - South Island SI DTL Island Presentations

DTL Island Team entry form DTL Island Team entry

DTL Island Category only entry form DTL Island Cat entry

Event Management Guide Event Event Mgmt Guide

Executive Nomination Form Executive nomination form

Food Safety & Animal Code of Practice Food Safety & Aminal CofP

Guidelines for running a NZCTA Championship Champ Guidelines

Handicapping Percentages Hdcp

Handicapping procedures Handicapping procedures

handicap by Distance flow chart HBD Flowchart

Health & Safety Trap Procedures for Sporting H&S Trap Procedures for Sporting

How to run a Club meeting How to run a meeting

Lead Management Lead Management

Liability Insurance documents Pub Liab Ins

Long Run Application Form Long Run

Noise Management Plan Noise Mgmt plan

North South DTL qualifying return form Nth/Sth DTL return

North South Skeet qualifying return form Nth/Sth Skeet form

Note to Clubs running North/South DTL and Skeet Nth/Sth DLT/Sk info

NZCTA National Calendar of Championship dates NZCTA Champ Dates

NZCTA National winners Nat winners

Postal Shoot team entry form Postal teams

Price List effective 1 January 2024 Prices

Provincials 2024 information Prov

Provincial Entry Form (Sample) Prov Entry

Provincial Presentation sheets Prov Presentations

Provincial Entry Form - Category Only Prov Cat Entry

Range Manual Range Manual

Range Safety Officers Assessment 2021 RSO

Range Safety Officers lists available on request by clubs

Range Standing Orders template RSO Template

Risk Management for Schools RSM

School Declaration Form School Declaration Form

Secretaries Manual Sec Manual

Shoot Levy payment, handicap adjustment return and payment form Levy returns

Skeet Field Construction Skeet construction

Skeet rotations for major tournaments including Islands and Nationals Skeet Rotations

Sporting and Compak Championship Pricing SportCompak Pricing

Sporting Clay Trap Setting Guide Sporting trapsetting

Steel shot Rules for Clubs Steel Shot

Trap Layout Trap Layout