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Programme for 2022 SI & NZ School Championships SI NZ Champs

2022 Auckland Waikato circuit programme Auck Waikato

2022 Lower and Central North Island circuit programme Lower NI

2022 Canterbury Area Programme Canty

2022 Canty, Southland, Otago Programme Canty Sthlnd Otago

Covid Safety Plan Covid plan

Principals Attestation (to be submitted with entries) Principal Att

Nominations for School subcommittee noms

Kilwell School Postal Shoot information School Postal

The eligibility for shooting Skeet at the School Championships has changed to be exactly the same as the DTL eligibility; competitors must have a minimum of 3 scores recorded in their handicap book, which have been shot at three separate competitions.

Risk Analysis and Management Plan

Secondary School Championship Rules School Rules

Benefits to Clubs from School Shooting