About New Zealand Clay Target Association (NZCTA) 

The NZCTA is the governing body of Clay Target shooting in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Clay Target Association (NZCTA) is responsible for administering, promoting and fostering the sport of Clay Target shooting in New Zealand. The Association is made up of around 90 clubs throughout New Zealand who hold shoots in the various disciplines of clay target shooting. These clubs range is size from small country clubs with one or two traps and maybe a skeet field to our two National grounds at Hamilton and Christchurch which Hamilton has 12 DTL fields and 5 Skeet, Canterbury has 10 DTL and 6 skeet fields. Membership to the NZCTA is a two-fold membership. You must also belong to a clay target club. Individual registration of the NZ Clay Target Association entitles members to compete at any of the NZCTA Clubs. Registration with the NZCTA also provides members with Public Liability Insurance while a member. Full and Junior members also receive our bi-monthly Gunshot magazine. The National Association sets and administers rules and policies required to maintain a level playing field for all persons participating in the sport. The Association is also responsible for setting the standards for Range Safety and is actively involved in Legislation issues. The Association recognises and protects the rights of the individual members to participate in their chosen sport. The New Zealand Clay Target Association is committed to providing a harassment-free environment where all people involved in clay target shooting are treated with respect and dignity and can contribute and participate to their full potential.

The Association is run by an elected Council consisting of a President plus 4 Councillors from each Island. The Association employs one full time Executive Officer. The Association is a member of the NZ Shooting Federation Inc, the International Clay Target Shooting Federation (ICTSF) and the Federation Internationale De Tir Aux Armes Sportives De Chasse (FITASC).

There are different disciplines of clay target shooting available including Down the Line (DTL), Skeet, ISSF (includes ISSF Trap, ISSF Skeet and ISSF Double Trap), FITASC Sporting and FITASC Compak. Each discipline has a varied approach to the delivery of targets and gives shooters a different experience. Some clubs shoot all disciplines, some specialise in only one of the disciplines. Information on the types of facilities available at each club is listed in the information page under each club.

Clay Target Shooting is a sport that can be enjoyed by the whole family as a recreation at a local clay target club, or at a competition level from club events to regional, national and international competitions. These include Oceania Championships, World Championships, Commonwealth and Olympic Games. Age or ability is not a barrier as events are run under a grading system, based on current performance. New shooters begin in C grade and can rise to AA grade. This reflects the shooter's ability and encourages an improvement in performance. There are also category placings for Ladies, Juniors, Veterans and often Super Veterans. The ages for Juniors, Veterans and Super Veterans vary between disciplines due to International Rules. Whatever you want to do, whether it is simply having fun once or twice a month, or aiming to become a National Team member, Clay Target shooting is an exciting, active sport at any level. Full, Family and Junior membership can provide you access to all competitions at any club in New Zealand and Internationally. Social membership can provide you with access to any shoot at your nominated club.

Skills you can develop include: discipline, competitiveness, self motivation and mental ability.

What we can offer includes: local and national tournaments, coaching, school shooting, team shooting, International shooting, family participation, no age barriers.

Once you have found your local club, it would be best to find out when their next practice day is and go along on that day. Targets are usually shot in 'rounds' of 25 targets, the cost for which will vary slightly. If you are very new to clay target shooting, inform the contact person at the Club, they will ensure that someone meets you and shows you 'the ropes'. Emphasis will be placed on the safe handling of guns, together with the need for adequate hearing and eye protection.

This web site provides clubs, members and visitors with information and news about what is happening in our sport. There is information on upcoming tournaments, membership, results, our Gunshot magazine plus much more.

We hope you enjoy the information that is on this web site but if you have any further queries about clay target shooting please do not hesitate to contact the National Office on nzcta@xtra.co.nz.