New Zealand D.T.L. Hall of Fame.

To qualify for membership individuals must meet specific minimum criteria detailed below;

1. 200 points which must include Three National D.T.L Titles.

2. Points allocated as per the following table;

World Titles (CPSA or ATA) 1st = 502nd = 20

National (any Mackintosh country) 1st=202nd = 10

Island( north or south) 1st = 10

Events eligible to earn points are as follows;

S/Rise, S/Barrel, Points, D/Rise, Minis, Ball Trap, Handicap, High Gun and skeet (to 2003) until separation to stand alone tournament.

Qualifying Exemptions;

Prior to 1960 - Known ability

Prior to 1980 - 3 National Titles

A Maximum of Three Nominees per Calendar year can be added to Hall of fame members.

Any amendments to rules for “hall of fame" must be proposed by National executive but all living Hall of Fame members have the power of veto.( Thus only changes endorsed by 100% of actual members can be implemented)


2009 Duncan Fraser

2009 John Thomson

2009 Charles Hartley

2010 Richard Arnst

2010 Jim McKenzie

2010 John Woolley

2011 Ernest R King

2011 Ernie Groome

2011 Ray Everett

2012 Sam Anderson

2012 Doug Wareham

2012 Gavin Searle

2013 H. Clinch

2013 Murray Pratt

2013 D.P. North

2014 A. Dobson

2014 N. Bossad

2014 CF Gunn

2015 Henry Grennell

2015 Bevan Begg

2015 Rex Everett

2016 Stan Marston

2016 Colin Streeter

2016 Alf Walker

2017 Keith Livingstone

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