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Hall of Fame Skeet Tables HOF Skeet

Hall of Fame Skeet Criteria HOF SKeet Criteria

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Hall of Fame Sporting/Compak Tables Sport HOF

Hall of Fame Sporting/Compak Criteria Sport HOF Criteria

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If any shooter wants a copy of the excel table which can be sorted to pick out individual people/events please contact the NZCTA National Office. If any shooter has any corrections/additions to the tables, please contact the National Office.

New Zealand D.T.L. Hall of Fame.

DTL Qualifying criteria DTL HOF Criteria

DTL Hall of Fame Inductees DTL HOF Inductees

ISSF Skeet Hall of Fame Inductees ISSF Skeet HOF Inductees

Skeet Hall of Fame Inductees Skeet HOF

Sporting Hall of Fame Inductees Sport HOF

Shooter of the Year recipients SOY

NZCTA Distinguished Service Awards: DSA

NZ Glenn Trophy team members NZ Glenn Trophy

NZ Glenn Cup team members NZ Glenn Cup

Doug Wareham the 1st Skeet Hall of Fame inductee

Jim McKenzie, the 2nd Skeet Hall of Fame inductee

John Woolley the 3rd Skeet Hall of Fame inductee

Des Coe, the 1st Sporting Hall of Fame inductee