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2014 Wellington Provincials

25 Skeet. 5 possibles were shot followed by 6 23’s. After the shoot off Eric Dais of Palmerston North emerged as the HOA followed by, A grade 1st Peter Borrie, 2nd Roger Bidois, 3rd Shane Quinn. 1st B grade went to the only 25 in this grade Kelvin Ellison and after a shoot off for 23’s Keith Zehnder was 2nd and Dave Smith 3rd.  Mitchell Dean was 1st C grade on 20 followed by 2nd Dave Christie 17 and 3rd Jamie Cane 14. Other scores in Skeet were: A grade 23’s Grant Wareham, Kim Owen, Ken Pfeffer, Dave Turner 22. Robert Prince, 18 Dave Grant. B grade Stuart Bell, Michael Holmes 22, Laurie Coppins 21, Clint Nel, Michael Davidson 20, Brian Smith 19. Veterans Eric Dais 25.

10 pair Double Rise. A perfect pair of Doubles resulted in some high scoring with 2 x 19’s 2 x 18’s and 3 x 17’s shot. Robert Prince out shot Dave Turner to take HOA leaving Dave with 1st A grade. 2nd Dave Smith 18, 3rd Mitchell Dean 18. 1st B grade Keith Zehnder 17, 2nd Jamie Cane 16, 3rd Ken Pfeffer 14. Veterans:- Stuart Bell 17.

15 Minis. (You either like them or hate them). This lot were kind to quite a number with 5 x 15 and 4 x 14 shot. After the shoot off Robert Prince beat Ken Pfeffer for HOA leaving Laurie Coppins 1st A grade,  2nd Kim Owen, and 3rd Roger Bidois. 1st B grade. Ken Pfeffer. 2nd Michael Holmes 14 and 3rd Jamie Cane, after a shoot off with Michael Davidson and Keith Zehnder, all on 12. C grade. Dave Christie 9, Veterans:- Ken Pfeffer 15. 

25 Single Rise. The targets must have been too good as 14 shot the 25, over half of the shooters competing. After 130 targets in the shoot off Roger Bidois (HOA) prevailed over Robert Prince 1st A grade, 2nd Grant Wareham, 3rd Dave Smith. B grade. 1st Jamie Cane, 2nd Clint Nel, 3rd Michael Holmes. C grade. Dave Christie 23, Veterans, Laurie Coppins. B grade.Keith Zehnder, Ken Pfeffer 25. Brian Smith 23. Michael Davidson 22.

Sunday 19th October

By Sunday the mist and drizzle had past over but it remained cloudy and the wind started to lift during the day affecting the scores over the day. Competition was still intense among the small number attending this day of the Provincials. Quality instead of quantity vying for the titles.

30 Triples   No possible in this event but 3 x 48’s made for an interesting shoot off. Roger Bidois won HOA after the first round of the shoot off with Stuart Bell and Kim Owen going on to sort out 1st and 2nd A grade. In the end Stuart Bell was 1st A grade by 1 point from Kim Owen 2nd and Robert Prince on 46 was 3rd. Jamie Cane was 1st B grade outright on 47 followed by Brian Smith 2nd with 45 and 3rd  Ken Pfeffer 44. 1st C grade, Murray Stevenson 39,  2nd Dave Christie 35. Veterans, Stuart Bell 48.

25 Points Score  An outright win with a 75 saw Dave Turner the only one to shoot the lot and receive HOA. In A grade Grant Wareham and Roger Bidois finished on 74 and after the deciding shoot off Grant Wareham finished with a perfect 5 targets to take 1st A grade and Roger Bidois 2nd. 3rd place also required a shoot off between Laurie Coppins and Peter Borrie.  Laurie shot the perfect 5 targets to claim 3rd. Another 2 shoot offs were needed to decide B grade. On 74’s Jamie Cane and Brian Smith fought for 1st and 2nd with Michael Holmes and Clint Nel  72’s to decide 3rd place.  B grade 1st Brian Smith, 2nd Jamie Cane, 3rd Michael Holmes. C grade. Murray Stevenson 1st, Dave Christie 2nd. Veterans. Brian Smith.

25 Single Barrel The wind had picked up for this event and was at times lifting the targets. Time to keep the head down and watch the target. Ken Pfeffer was the only one to shoot this event clean to take out HOA. Closely followed by  A graders Kelvin Ellison, Grant Wareham, Laurie Coppins ,Peter Borrie, Roger Bidois and B grader Clint Nel all on 24’s. It took an 11 target shoot off to decide the A grade placings. 1st Peter Borrie, 2nd Roger Bidois, 3rd Kelvin Ellison. B grade. 1st Clint Nel 24, 2nd Michael Holmes 23, 3rd Brian Smith 21. C grade was decided after a shoot off 1st Dave Christie 17. 2nd Murray Stevenson 17. Veterans. Ken Pfeffer.

HOA High Gun. Roger Bidois 226.  A grade HOA. Robert Prince 222. B grade HOA. Ken Pfeffer 213.  C grade HOA. Dave Christie. Veterans HOA. Stuart Bell 221.