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Wallaceville Rd, Whitemans Valley

Wayne Pym
Ph (04) 234 6306


Club shoots:
1st and 3rd Sunday
and 4th Saturday

4 DTL, 2 DTL/Ball Trap, 3 Skeet, 1 Trench, 1 Compak, Sporting

Hutt Valley

19 July 2015

25 Tgt Skeet A Grade 1st Dave Turner 25, 2nd Robert Prince 22. B Grade 1st= Peter Peryer & Darryn Plows 22’s, 3rd= Alan Markham, Phil Bazalo & Wayne Pym 21’s. C Grade 1st= Eddie Ng & Mike Dasler 21’s, 3rd= Brian Manton & Charlotte O’Dea 19’s.

25 Tgt Compak A Grade 1st= Peter Peryer, Darryn Plows & James Mackie 23’s. B Grade 1st Phil Bazalo 22, 2nd= Gary Girvan & Mike Dasler 21’s. C Grade 1st= Ian Gallagher & Rochelle Plows 19’s, 3rd= Reno Verde & Charlotte O’Dea 16’s.

25 Tgt Single Rise A Grade 1st= Dave Turner & James Mackie 24’s, 3rd= Darryn Plows & Phil Bazalo 23’s. B Grade 1st Peter Peryer 24, 2nd= Brian Manton & Tim Dixon 23’s. C Grade 1st Rochelle Plows 22, 2nd Ian Gallagher 21, 3rd Alan Markham18.

15 Pr Double Rise A Grade 1st Phil Bazalo 24, 2nd= Robert Prince & James Mackie 23’s. B Grade 1st Wayne Pym 23, 2nd= Gary Girvan, Peter Peryer & Brian Manton 20’s. C Grade 1st Rochelle Plows 19, 2nd Ian Gallagher 16, 3rd= Mike Dasler & Chris Dickey 15’s.