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Wallaceville Rd, Whitemans Valley

Wayne Pym
Ph (04) 234 6306


Club shoots:
1st and 3rd Sunday
and 4th Saturday

4 DTL, 2 DTL/Ball Trap, 3 Skeet, 1 Trench, 1 Compak, Sporting

Hutt Valley

27 December 2015

33 Shooters.

25 Tgt Skeet A Grade 1st Donna Matthews 25, 2nd Blue Freeman 24, 3rd= Tony Mokomoko, Grant Wareham & Dave Grant 23’s. B Grade 1st Phil Bazalo 24, 2nd= Gary Girvan & James Mackie 23’s. C Grade 1st= Dave Gwerder & Mike Dasler 24’s, 3rd= Mark Hing & Eddie Ng.

25 Compak A Grade Craig Matthews 24, 2nd Daniel Feutz 23, 3rd= Rob Edwards & Sam Sydow 19’s. B Grade 1st= Wayne Pym & Kevin Flynn 20’s, 3rd Mark Hing 19. C Grade 1st Jamie Cane 19, 2nd Aaron Phillips 17, 3rd Bayley Donald 16.

25 Tgt Single Rise A Grade 1st= Craig Matthews, James Mackie, Phil Bazalo, Robert Prince, Grant Wareham & Dave Grant 25’s. B Grade 1st= Daniel Feutz & Wayne Pym 25’s, 3rd= David Donald & Rob Edwards 24’s. C Grade 1st= Mark Hing, Eddie Ng & Brendon Coe 24’s.

25 Tgt Ball Trap A Grade 1st Robert Prince 22, 2nd= Jamie Cane & James Mackie 21’s. B Grade 1st Daniel Feutz 23, 2nd Wayne Pym 22, 3rd Rob Edwards 20. C Grade 1st= Kevin Flynn, Dave Gwerder, Mike Dasler 18’s.

Top Gun HOA Daniel Feutz 91. A Grade 1st James Mackie 87, 2nd Robert Prince 87, 3rd Grant Wareham 84, 4th Blue Freeman 84, 5th Craig Matthews 83. B Grade 1st Wayne Pym 86, 2nd Rob Edwards 85, 3rd Jamie Cane 83, 4th David Donald 82, 5th Gary Girvan 81. C Grade 1st Mike Dasler 83, 2nd Mark Hing 83, 3rd Dave Gwerder 79, 4th Kevin Flynn 79, 5th Aaron Phillips 77.

Prizes drawn from 16 place getters was won by Robert Prince, Mark Hing & Dave Gwerder. Mollaun Shield won by Robert Prince, Gary Girvan & Mike Dasler 251.