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Wallaceville Rd, Whitemans Valley

Wayne Pym
Ph (04) 234 6306


Club shoots:
3rd Sunday

2 DTL, 1 DTL/Ball, 2 Skeet, 2 Sporting, 1 Trench

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Hutt Valley

30 March 2014

Top Gun. 25 Tgt Skeet, 25 Tgt Compak, 25 Tgt Single Rise, 25 Tgt Ball Trap.

HOA. Jamie Peryer Fursdon 89. A Grade. 1st Robert Prince 89, 2nd Wayne Pym 84, 3rd Shane Ashforth 84, 4th Dave Turner 81, 5th Tony Brogden 75.

B Grade. 1st Daniel Feutz 85, 2nd Peter Peryer 85, 3rd Rob Edwards 82, 4th Phill Bazalo 80, 5th Gary Girvan 79.

C Grade. 1st Sam Sydow 79, 2nd Bruce Scott 76, 3rd John Sydow 69, 4th Mike Dasler 63, 5th Sam Rooney 41.

Mollaun Shield won by Wayne Pym, Daniel Feutz & Sam Sydow 248.

Disabled Champs.

Skeet. 1st Shane Ashforth 23, 2nd Warren Kurney 22, 3rd Tony Brogden 19.

Sporting. 1st Tony Brogden 18, 2nd Shane Ashforth 15, 3rd Warren Kurney 14.

DTL. 1st Shane Ashforth 25, 2nd Warren Kurney 21, 3rd Tony Brogden 20.

Ball Trap. 1st Shane Ashforth 21, 2nd= Warren Kurney and Tony Brogden 18’s.

High Gun. 1st Shane Ashforth.