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Crawford Hills Road, Galloway

President: Ned Kelland

Club shoots:

5 DTL. 3 Skeet, 1 Ball Trap. Central Otago Circuit Programme


August 2008

Day 3 of the Bodkin Shield Tournament Cool but calm conditions
Match 1 Possibles R Digby, J Smith, D Robertson, N Johnstone, W Watson, Tom Cray, Trev Cray, B Wilson, N Kelland, B Waugh, S Gawn, A Kerr, B Molyneux, O Williamson, K Grant, S Manson, B Foster, D Dow, W Darling, R Roy, L Phillips, M Dobbie, J Robertson, P Muntz,
Match 2 Possibles: J Young, E Sinclair, D Robertson, J Straith, H Albert, Tom Cray, P Shuker, P Bayne, A Rule, B Waugh, P Templeton, C Hughes, B Molyneux, G Matheson, K Grant, G Hughes, J Willetts, S Robertson, D Folley, J Marshall, W Larsen, R Anderson, L Hurley, J Turner, L Rodgers, D Taylor.
Match 3 Possibles:- R Kelly, W Winskill, T rev Cray, P Nelson, B Waugh, N Wilson, P Templeton, C Robertson, S Gawn, B Molyneux, G Matheson, R Watson, G Hughes, J Willetts, P Armstrong, T Appleby, J Cray, L Hurley, R Roy, L Phillips, D Taylor, P Muntz
Trophies over Matches 2 & 3 L Hurley 1, B Waugh 2 , G Hughes 3, P Templeton 4, G Matheson 5. Other Possibles B Molyneux, J Willetts, D Taylor
Sir William Bodkin HOA for Alexandra B Waugh 60/60, R/U B Molyneux 60/60
Ernie Barrett Memorial for 3 days at Wanaka , Moa Creek, Alexandra R Watson 174/180, R/U D Robertson 174/180
4 person teams over 3 days Last In (Southland) 684 1st, The Coasters (Dunedin) 677 2nd, Timaru 675 3rd