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Crawford Hills Road, Galloway

President: Ned Kelland

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5 DTL. 3 Skeet, 1 Ball Trap. Central Otago Circuit Programme


17 May 2008

Central Otago Championships


On a cold, calm and foggy Central Otago morning but with the absence of wind shooting conditions were near perfect for shooting. The sun came out later in the day and shooters of these conditions
Match 1 Skeet HOA Kelvin Gutsell (Mataura) 25 A grade D McKenzie(Alexandra)25 B grade J Manson(Southland) 23 C Grade G Harrison (Gorge Rd) 22 Ladies J Manson 23 Juniors A.Sutton(Alexandra) 24 Veterans T Begg(Dunedin) 25

Match 2 Minis (15) HOA Colin Waghorn (Gorge rd) 15 A Grade M.Dobbie(Southland) 15 B Grade A Stuart (Moa Creek) 15 C Grade B Rodgers (Southland) 14 Ladies J Manson 15 Juniors B Rodgers 14 Veteran A Stuart

Match 3 Points Score HOA Tom Begg(Dunedin) 75 A grade K Gutsell 75 B Grade N Kelland (Moa Creek) 75 C Grade P Johansen(Southland) 68
Ladies J Manson 71 Juniors A Sutton 71 Veterans T Begg 75

Match 4 Double Rise HOA Stuart Cunningham (Mataura) 18 A Grade C Waghorn 18 B Grade N Kelland 17 C Grade A Rule(Southland)16
Ladies J Manson 14 Juniors A Rule Veterans T Begg 18

Match 5 Single Rise HOA Andrew Sutton (Alexandra) 25 A grade G Evans (Western Southland) 25 B Grade A Wilson( Wakatipu) 25
C grade P Shuker (Waakatipu) 25 Ladies J Manson 25 Juniors A Sutton Veterans P Williams 25

Match 6 Single Barrel HOA Colin Waghorn 25 A Grade K Gutsell 25 B Grade S clearwater (Dunedin) 24 C Grade P Johansen 22
Ladies J Manson 24 Juniors A Sutton 19 Veterans P Williams 23

High over all Colin Waghorn 181 A Grade Kelvin Gutsell 180 B Grade N Kelland 167 C Grade Aaron Rule 153

Th eonly disappointment for the day was that some valuable trophies with a lot of history were not able to be presented as that had not been returned despite the C.O secretary spending a considerable time chasing them - some over several years.

Win Morris ( C.O Gun Clubs Assn secretary )