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Crawford Hills Road, Galloway

President: Ned Kelland

Club shoots:

5 DTL. 3 Skeet, 1 Ball Trap. Central Otago Circuit Programme

Major coming events to be hosted here:
New Zealand Open Sporting Championship (Nth/Sth, World & Qualifying)
October 11, 2014


20 August 2006 Bodkin Shield

Day 3 Bodkin Shield Tournament

Match 1: 20 (tgts)
G. Mitchell, J Fooks, M Marsh, C Kelland, J Young, R Everett, C Hughes, D Matheson, D McKenzie, R Watson, P Andresseand, B McCarthy, M Crosbie, G Hughes, P Cleave, R Anderson, B Brand, L Phillips, P Muntz, M Bennie, P Armstrong, H Robertson, R Brash, G Ellingham, B Lawson, B Hughes, G Sinnamon, C Waghorn, L Rodgers.,

Match 2: 20 (tgts)
W Winskill, D Dow, D Pelvin, G Hughes, J Robertson, K Grant, R Everett, N Sutherland, R Anderson, A Crosbie, H Albert, K Jury, A Thompson, P Muntz, R Watson, B Warnock

Match 3: 20 (tgts)
Possibles ;
T Toro, J Fooks, C Kelland, B McCarthy, P Morris, G Hughes, P Cleave, H Robertson,
D Taylor, D Nyhon, D Jefferis P Chatfield, D Robertson , B Brand, D Warnock, R Roy, D McKenzie, J Marshall, B Warnock

High Overall for 3 day competition
1st Allan Thompson 173/180
Tied for 2nd - Wayne Larsen, Colin Waghorn, Bradley Lawson all on 171/180

Alexandra Trophies:
1st Brad Warnock
2nd Graeme Hughes
3rd Robert Watson
4th Ray Everett

Sir William Bodkin Memorial Highgun was won by Graeme Hughes with 60/60